Tuesday, 30 August 2005

Reinforcing stereotypes

Hot on the heels of recent discussions of academic bias, Jeff Goldstein lays the smackdown on a guy who teaches English at Northwestern who should know better. You’d almost think he wants Horowitz’s merry band of nitwits poking around campus.


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Re: that merry band of nitwits

What strikes me so much about Horowitz is that he acts like it’s still 1968—only he’s on the other side right now. The same can be said of many of his targets, and I wonder if, in the midst of them shouting at each other, they will have an epiphany and realize, “OH MY GOD, THE 60’S ARE DEAD!” and commence to weep.



When I see the title “English Lecturer” (like the author of the article in question), I think: politically uninformed asshat in love with his own proclamations which he makes in the cozy comfort of rooms filled with equally self congratulatory dildae and sycophantic grad students who secretly lock their car doors when they see a minority on the street and would soil themselves if presented with the simplest regression model

…is that just me?

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