Monday, 22 August 2005

Know your current (and future) Cylons

Steven Taylor asks for thoughts on who the remaining Cylons are; assuming Galactica Boomer wasn’t lying in “Resistance,” there are apparently seven human-form Cylon models remaining to be unmasked. The eliminated prospects all seem quite logical to me at least. At this point, the leading contenders for Cylonhood seem to be Gaeta and Cally, but there are plenty of other prospects out there too.

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Here I thought Cally and Billy were the top contenders with Gaeta just a possible hunch. I actually think the number of Cylons among the characters we already “know” will be very low, perhaps just one will be revealed to be a Cylon. Moore can only pull one of those “Hey, so-and-so was a Cylon” tricks. The second one feels cheap.

One thing I can see coming is Baltar getting obsessed with detecting the other Cylons. It’s a pity that the Cylon detector episodes were so campy because I’d love for something suspenseful ala The Thing.

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