Monday, 1 August 2005

Silly quiz thing

þ: Kelley of Suburban Blight:

You are a bit naive, but full of energy and potential. Your optimism and good will are what make you likable to your peers.

You have a tendency to become obsessed with unattainable members of the opposite sex.

Sounds about right. And, given these results, I suppose I can kiss tenure and promotion good-bye.


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Boy, did THEY dial a wrong number:

“Captain James T. Kirk”

Oh yeah, an INTJ just like me

“Charasmatic tatical leader/ egotistical womanizer.”

I have the holo-doctor’s charisma, Data’s egotism, and McCoy’s list of female conquests.

“Your arrogant cowboy mentality”

Well, I’ve certainly been a hawk for arrogant cowboys on my blog.

“is forgiven because of your deep concern for those close to you.”

I’ll buy that.

“Your middle name is Tiberius.”

As far as Roman emperors go, I relate more to the noncharismatic bookworm Claudius.


If I’m anyone in the Trek universe, I’m Reg Barclay (who isn’t even one of the possible results), but this thing had me down as Quark. Which I’m most assuredly not (I’m taller, have better dental hygeine, and I have much, much less regard for capitalism).

And given the number of Trekkers who openly aspire to be Spock (and I assume, Data, though I don’t see as many of them) the fact that “I am Data” and “I am Spock” aren’t even possible results marks this quiz as seriously flawed.

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