Sunday, 26 June 2005

Inspect this

I love the smell of a 100% fee increase in the morning:

A change in state law that requires scrutiny of window tint as part of vehicle safety inspections has some businesses that perform the annual inspections reconsidering whether to offer them.

Starting July 1, the darkness of a vehicle’s window tint must be checked as part of vehicle inspection, and the inspection fee rises from $5 to $10. Legislators approved the change to protect law officers.

Just another year in the life of our state’s massively effective vehicle safety inspection program, which (in its entirety) ensures public safety by making sure our cars’ horns, lights, and blinkers work.


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SC did away with inspections. I’ve never had to get one but they were still extant shortly before I was of driving age.


They’ve talked about getting rid of them here too, since they’re pretty useless, but it never seems to happen… indeed, this tinting thing seems to be entrenching the inspection process, even though it’s a complete pain in the butt—complicated because the Department of Public Safety doesn’t even keep a list of inspection stations, and nobody who does the inspections actually puts up a sign.

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