Saturday, 11 June 2005

You ask, we answer

OFJay has a couple of thoughts worth responding to:

Why is it that Trek fans absolutely, positively, demonizingly hate Voyager? It’s as if that show had no merit whatsover either as a Trek show or as a TV show. This inquiring mind would like to know.

I don’t know that fans necessarily “hate” Voyager, although most would probably have it tied with Enterprise for the nadir of televised Trek. I think the main problem with the series is that televised science fiction had “grown up” since The Next Generation came on the air, as more sophisticated shows like Deep Space Nine and Babylon 5 were out there, and Voyager quickly settled in as essentially redoing TNG with an inferior cast; its oft-discussed failure to deliver on its premise left it in the position of having less intelligent things to say about pushing the limits of Trekkian ideology than DS9 did in the comparatively “safe” confines of the Alpha Quadrant.

That said, there were lots of elements of Voyager that really worked, and some of the best hours of modern Trek were on the show. It just never added up to much of anything more. (This critique probably also applies to Enterprise.)

It’s been less than a month since the season ender for House but I sure miss that cranky doctor. And the “tall dark one,” the “little girl,” and the Aussie that “would run like a scared wombat.” Also Lisa Edelstein, who played a post-op transvestite in Ally McBeal and a real woman in the last season of The Practice. At least they’ve signed it on for a second season.

Indeed, despite the occasional gore (something I’m really averse to), House M.D. is probably my favorite network show these days. Greg House is probably the best unlikeable character on TV since at least early Andy Sipowicz, and possibly even Basil Fawlty. Add my thing for Sela Ward and you have must-see TV in the fall.


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Voyager was everything bad about Trek. The captain was, from the beginning, the “female” captain. Even Ben Sisko was never the “black” captain, but a captain played by a black actor. Then, they make Janeway the iron nun, the celibate. A promising tension with her First Officer died early and he was neutered as a result. The whole “Maquis/Federation” idea was killed in only a few episodes.

Nothing ever changed. Every amazing story line was ended with the “reset” button. Things went back to the original setting. Characters never changed, or were changed in bizarre ways to make a particular plot work.

The incredible Borg were defanged. Great characters and races always had to be left behind, due to the show’s concept. Although, imagine if some race had decided to devote their all to tracking and capturing Voyager? Sound like another really popular show?

Sorry, there was a lot wrong with Voyager, top to bottom. Producers, writers, actors….

Do love House! Jennifer Morrison is hot, hot, hot. And leave it to a Brit to know how to make an essentially unlikeable character so rivetting. (Although, sure enough, the producers and writers have introduced backstory and motivation to show us “why” he’s an unhappy man. Can’t have him just be bad, he has to have reasons, which imply he can be “saved.” Bleh.)


I probably should make a longer post on Voyager and Trek in general following up on your comments and Steven’s post. Maybe tomorrow when I can’t talk after the dentist…


What were the makeup artists thinking when they did the hair for the Kazon?

The Hirogen were the series’ best alien concept.

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