Tuesday, 7 June 2005

Written evals

I got my written evaluations today, and while some of it was bizarrely contradictory (some people complaining that my lecture was too much like the book outline, others complaining that the tests and lecture had nothing to do with each other even though the tests came from the book materials!) I got a rather odd comment that I’d made “occasional anti-Catholic remarks and jokes” in my civil liberties class. I suppose there are a few things that could be stretched that way (mostly, a few Louisiana jokes), and maybe even a few things that could be construed as anti-religious in general (I generally stay away from that soapbox, although I will make an occasional “Ten Suggestions” joke for the Methodists in the audience), but I don’t remember singling out Catholics in particular. Weird.

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I thought that the “Ten Suggestions” was a Unitarian Universalist thing, not a Methodist thing….


I’ve never figured out evals. When I was a graduate TA I got an eval that ranked me at around the bottom 15–20th percentiles in each discrete ranking category, and then gave me an excellent overall eval in the top 10 percentile.

Go figger.

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