Wednesday, 1 June 2005


In the space of two days, my two closest friends in Jackson have up and left to do cool summer things for the next few weeks—one is doing research in Central Asia, while the other is headed up north to work on some projects and hang out with friends and family.

If it weren’t for my students in summer classes, I’d be almost completely abandoned at this point (although I’ve seen a few soon-to-be-ex-colleagues around and I’ll probably have lunch with some of them later on in the month). Of course, if it weren’t for my students, I’d be off doing something else myself—more likely than not, spending late June and most of July in Ann Arbor with stats geeks.

Without students, I probably also wouldn’t have been up at 8:30 this morning either, come to think of it.


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Without an instructor, I wouldn’t have gotten up at 6 and left home at 6:45 for a 7:40 class this morning.

[Permalink] 2. Scott wrote @ Fri, 3 Jun 2005, 7:42 am CDT:

Well, you are fulfilling your contractual duties and making some Benjamins to underwrite your trek to the Promised Land (aka the Carolinas)!


That’d make sense if I had a contractural obligation to be here… mind you, I’m getting paid (and not all that shabbily), but my contract ended at commencement.

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