Thursday, 12 May 2005

All your base belong to the BRAC list

Jeff Quinton has a post with a list of military bases allegedly (and I stress allegedly) on the Base Realignment and Closure list to be announced tomorrow. Among the casualties include Mississippi’s Columbus AFB, NAS Meridian, and Pascagoula NS, leaving (by my estimation) just Keesler AFB and the Sea Bee base in Gulfport in service.


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The closing of the Naval Station in Pascagoula makes perfect sense. That was a Trent Lott project that got created during the last round of closures in the early 1990s. If he can pull that off, though, my guess is he’ll be doing everything he can to keep bases in Mississippi. And will have some measure of success, even if it causes the Pentagon to waste resources indefinitely.


I didn’t realize Pascagoula was that recent. Makes sense, though, that being his hometown.


I should add that I’m impressed that you even knew about the Sea Bee base. Impressive. Most impressive. Obi Wan has taught you well.


I went down to Long Beach once to see the legendary USM-Gulf Park for myself (and literally had to drive around the Sea Bee base, since it’s right in the middle of the road that used to take you to Long Beach from I-10—Canal Road, I think). Shockingly, even after that visit, I still applied for a job there.


I decided to look it up and make sure my memory wasn’t failing me. It wasn’t:

In the early 1980s Congress approved the strategic homeporting initiative to build additional bases and disperse the Fleet from the main concentration areas. Naval Station Pascagoula was created in 1985 when the Navy selected the Singing River Island location as one of the new Gulf Coast strategic homeport sites. Base construction began in 1988, and the station became an operational homeport of Perry Class guided-missile frigates in 1992 with the arrival of the first ship, USS Gallery (FFG 26).
I suppose I should amend my statement from above: Trent Lott managed to avoid getting this killed during the round of closures that were going on while the base was under construction.
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