Thursday, 12 May 2005

Professorial dirty secrets

Stephen Karlson dressed down today to administer his final exams. I actually got a bit of joshing from the gallery when I showed up to give my intro final a couple of weeks ago in a polo shirt and jeans; apparently it never occurred to them that the main reason I wear a shirt, slacks, and a tie on days I teach is so I look older than they do.


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I get the same reaction on exam day. And I starting wearing a tie when I first starting teaching for the same reason. I continue to wear them because I think it sets a professinal tone.

Although I have gone tieless for my graduate seminars on occassion.


I probably wouldn’t dress up to teach a graduate seminar. I’m still debating how dressed up I want to be this summer… probably stick with slacks and a short-sleeve dress shirt, but maybe I’ll ditch the tie.

I’m also under the illusion that I look better when I wear dressier clothes, which is a not-insignificant factor when you’re 29 and single. Unfortunately all the eligible women (not students, I hasten to add) I encounter around these parts seem to have boyfriends already.


Although he will probably deny it, Marvin Overby once replied to a comment regarding his wearing shorts, t-shirt, and sandals during the summer, “Hell, now that I’ve got tenure, they’re lucky I’m wearing THIS!”

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