Monday, 9 May 2005

More lies

Well, the real evaluations—rather than the fake ones here—are in, and they’re much better than those from last semester, by well over a standard deviation. (I’d sit down and do the independent samples t test, but I’m not that bored. t test below the fold…)

I’m just chalking this one up as yet another in a series of little ironies that have been running around for the past couple of months.

The result of the t test: p(I am not a better teacher now than I was in the fall) < 0.00062. I feel so much better now.


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Irony? Did Millsaps pass you by because of your teaching evals?!?!?

You know…mentoring can make a dedicated person a good teacher….it can’t make a moronic ass monkey a good researcher.


It was certainly a factor.

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