Saturday, 7 May 2005

Why I do what I do

Every time I have some little complaint about my job, I should remind myself of today—or at least days like today, for today was commencement at Millsaps, and my first commencement as a faculty member (here or elsewhere). While I didn’t know these seniors as well as I might have liked, I hope I touched at least some of their lives in the way that professors past have touched mine.

Of course, it was a bittersweet day for me and a few other colleagues, including the oft-mentioned Kelly, as it also marks the official end of our employment by the college.* To all the friends, colleagues, and students (not mutually-exclusive!) I have encountered, it’s been a blast, and I’d do it all again… well, as long as I got a tenure-track contract next time!

* I will be teaching over the summer at Millsaps on an adjunct contract before moving to Durham in early August. Technicalities are annoying.


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Plus: it beats digging ditches.


Well, that was plan B…


Egads, you’ll only be five or so hours from me!


Well, there’s still time to move further away if you like! ☺


Unfortunately, it’s going to take at least a year. I’m in the academic track, too, remember.

BTW, I guess this also means I’ll miss seeing you at the SPSA meeting in New Orleans. You’re avoiding me.


Actually, I’m planning on doing something for Steven Taylor’s panel at SPSA in January… which reminds me, I guess I need to write up my other SPSA paper proposal.

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