Wednesday, 20 April 2005

What to blog, what to blog

Well, there’s a new pope… I guess I should say something about that. Instead, I’ll let the Catholics duke it out—in particular, I’ll witness the fur fly between Andrew Sullivan and Stephen Bainbridge.

In other news, Ms. Passey has good news for those men who engage in regular sexual activity (solo or otherwise); more details here. One wonders what Pope Benedict XVI thinks of this news.

Oh, and my semester is over in 13 hours (except for finals and this pesky honor code violation problem I’m having to deal with). I plan to celebrate enthusiastically with friends.


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[Permalink] 1. Stephen Michael Jones wrote @ Wed, 27 Apr 2005, 6:32 pm CDT:

No kidding. You have a lot of Catholics in Jackson? I thought they were mostly Methodists and Baptists there. The Catholics would be outnumbered.

Too bad you’re leaving Jackson. My wife, sister, and I will miss your posts. Keep in touch with our local politics if you can, please. I had to let you know how insightful we have found them.

I was sorry to see that you are being brought-up in front of an “honor counsel”? Say it isn’t so Chris. I know you would never do anything that would involve that kind of scrupulation. I’m sure its a mistake and you’ll be fine. Trust the system.

Thanks Chris and good luck!


Oh, no, I’m not in any trouble… just sorting out a problem with a student who apparently violated the honor code in one of my classes.

Glad you’ve enjoyed the blog; it’s not going anywhere anytime soon!

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