Monday, 18 April 2005


You know, when the folks down at Southern started talking about becoming more competitive with SEC schools on the recruiting trail, I didn’t realize they also wanted to compete with Ole Miss and State by outdoing them in recruiting thugs (þ: Jeff Quinton, via email):

Southern Miss president Shelby Thames sat down with the man who plead guilty to his role in the beating death of a high school student. The talk went so well, Southern Miss will offer the convict a football scholarship and a “second chance”.

There are more details here on the story of Marcus Raines. It isn’t exactly pretty.

You know, the Thamester isn’t exactly in the world’s most secure position to begin with, and you have to wonder what he’s is thinking. Particularly when you realize that up the road at Ole Miss, Coach O (from whose backyard this prospect is coming from) wouldn’t touch this kid with a ten-foot pole, and it’s not like Orgeron has been shy about pushing the reset button for problem children like Jamal Pittman. This decision just screams “bad news waiting to happen.”

On the other hand, I suppose I am marginally sympathetic to giving kids who do really stupid things a second chance, although it seems to me that if the kid really wants to redeem himself he ought to be content to go play for free at a Division III school.

By the way, here's what I call “idiotic reporting on background”:

Before Dec. 3, at least four schools were recruiting him -- Marshall, Arkansas, Washington State and K-State.

One East Coast coach who lost his entire linebacking corps told he couldn't offer a scholarship because of Raines' history.

If you can’t figure out what “East Coast coach” is being referred to here, even without a Google search, you may be an idiot too. Way to protect your source!

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Marshall not touching a recruit based on stuff like this says something too.

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