Wednesday, 13 April 2005

Nipplegate Redux

James Joyner and Jeff Jarvis are up in arms that Fox network censors have allegedly insisted that Pamela Anderson’s nipples be “taped down” on her new sitcom Stacked that debuted tonight (without my viewership), lest viewers be offended by her attributes sticking out.

While I agree with the general principle at stake here—indeed, who is going to tune into a show starring Anderson who doesn’t want to see her nipples?—I am forced to wonder why this problem exists in the first place. I suppose the issue could simply be that soundstages for TV shows are notoriously chilly, to compensate for the heat radiated by the lights and other equipment, or it could be that Anderson has atypically attentive nipples*—I know of a few young women with this “problem” myself, and it’s not one you can really point out to them.

I guess the moral of the story is to let the nipples soar; besides, the show will probably be canned in six weeks anyway.

* Celebrity Scum has corroborating evidence (almost certainly NSFW).


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Breast implants can sometimes cause nipples to be permanently erect. Uh, I’ve heard, anyway.


Yeah, I’d, er, heard that too.


If you’ve had a boob job (or three or four as with Pam’s case) and you are not wearing a bra (as is usually the case with Pam) and your nipples don’t show, you most definitely did not get what you paid for.

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