Sunday, 10 April 2005

Back in the high life again

Well, I made it back safe and sound from Chicago, despite initially forgetting (1) checkout was at 11 am instead of noon and (2) my flight was at 1:10 pm instead of 1:40 pm when I decided to sleep in this morning—I figured if I was spending $164 a night for a bed (and surprisingly little else, beyond gratis high-speed internet that was only free because of my newfound Silver HHonors status), it had better be used as much as possible.

The flights were uneventful—I dozed through much of the flight from O’Hare to Atlanta, and managed to read all of Lewis Black’s book Nothing’s Sacred during the rest of the trip, since I felt unmotivated to continue with Empires of Light for now. Despite the storms the day I left, everything was just fine at home.


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Ummm… Chris? If you’re seeking to maximise value for a $164/night bed, sleep isn’t the highest usage I could think of….


Good point Mike, and short of finding a woman to break the bed in for you, you could have taken as many of the hotel consumables as possible.


Robert: I’ve got enough hotel consumables to choke a mule already.

Mike: I’ve got enough woman trouble as it is without adding more.

[Permalink] 4. Rick Almeida wrote @ Mon, 11 Apr 2005, 1:10 pm CDT:

Access to the net and fitness center were free for the first time this year, I think part of MPSA‘s negotiations with the Palmer House. It was nice not to get ganked for $10 a day for email & web access for once.

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