Wednesday, 23 March 2005

Ode to House

Greg of Begging to Differ says House is his new favorite TV show. While it’s not my absolute favorite show at the moment (I probably would rank Galactica a small notch higher), it’s truly compelling TV—and that’s spoken by someone who has never cared for either medical dramas or CSI-type shows.

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I’ve watched every House so far, and while I love Hugh Laurie’s brilliant performance, walking the fine line between asshole and curmudgeon, the show’s plots are too predictable. Watching the twists and turns is fun, adding Chi McBride to shake things up was good (but isn’t he just replicating what Lisa Edelstein was supposed to do?), but you already know how all this turns out and that diminishes the fun for me. Law and Order and CSI have made successes of process over plot, but it does get old eventually.

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