Sunday, 20 March 2005

No-gloating zone

Good thing I don’t have any affinity for the Duke Blue Devils, or else I’d be enthusiastically celebrating their victory over the Mississippi State Bulldogs in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Instead, I’m just enthusiastically celebrating the defeat of the Bulldogs.


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you know, I assumed that when I came here, I’d have finally left Michigan football’s tendency to try as hard as they can to lose games to vastly inferior teams behind. Turns out my arrival was badly timed.

Nevertheless, a W’s a W at this time of year.


Ah, but that’s what makes being a sports fan exciting. Or at least what makes it require trips to the emergency room, which may or may not be the same thing…


No gloating, eh? You managed to do everything but that!


Just be happy I didn’t put in a photoshop of Coach K in Rebel gear.

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