Wednesday, 16 March 2005

So just give me one good reason, tell me why I should stay

Had a nice early dinner tonight with my colleagues-slash-friends Suzanne, Peter, Kamilla, and Kelly at Hal and Mal’s to celebrate some good employment news, the precise details of which I’m not ready to share with all the readers of Signifying Nothing just yet.

Topics of discussion included such eclectic topics as hair (Kelly’s good, mine bad), the spatial properties of glowingness (I made an argument that glow is a multidimensional concept that has, at least, romantic and vocational axes, while others disagreed), coattail effects, the incumbency advantage, metrics of success, whether “free love” and pot was all it was cracked up to be in the late 60s and early 70s, sumo wrestling as a career option, and the geography of Ann Arbor. Damn I’m going to miss these folks.


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Glad to hear of the good employment news, even if you’re not going to share it with us yet. Congrats!


Absolutely—whatever it is, congratulations! (I hope it won’t affect the blog.)


Leaving the fair city of Jackson I guess… When we first moved there from Oxford my wife cried because she didn’t want to and when we moved from Jackson back home to Biloxi three years later my wife cried because she didn’t want to. Jackson sorta grows on ya… Have fun wherever you’re going and congrats!


I don’t expect any changes to the blog, except possibly a redesign of the header (already a bit dated since Brock’s departure to DBV means we have no Tennessee bloggers). I may abandon the flag theme for something else, maybe maps or something.


As for the announcement, I’m just waiting for the offer letter to show up in the mail; not that I don’t trust my future employer, mind you, just that I’m not entirely sure I believe it until there’s paper in my hands (I could have hallucinated the whole thing).

In the meantime, I’ve decided to go with the map theme; hope you guys like it.

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