Monday, 7 February 2005

Who's your daddy?

Dan Drezner has the scoop on the hubaloo surrounding’s Super Bowl ad, which featured a pneumatic model in a tight top testifying before a bogus government committee. I thought it was a pretty funny ad and a spot-on parody of self-important lawmakers—which, no doubt, will be a major reason why you’ll hear whining from the usual suspects on Capitol Hill about the ad.

The rest of the ads were pretty so-so (though I liked the skydiving ad and the FedEx-Kinko’s ad with Burt Reynolds), I could take or leave Paul McCartney, and the game was entertaining but sloppy. Now the long off-season begins, just in time for me to start pretending to enjoy televised college basketball.

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Real-life self-important lawmakers aren’t as lifeless as those Congressional somnabulists in the ad. Unfortunately, real-life airhead bimbos are plentiful.

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