Tuesday, 25 January 2005

Ah, to live in Rankin County

It’s always nice to see our state legislators up to business as usual:

Some Mississippi lawmakers are scheduled to speak Thursday to the Council of Conservative Citizens, an organization that the Southern Poverty Law Center calls “a patently white supremacist group.”

Well, isn’t that special. Even better, AP reporter Emily Wagster Pettus manages to track down one of the nitwits expected to attend this speaking engagement; unintentional hilarity ensues:

State Rep. John Moore, R-Brandon, said he’s scheduled to speak at the CCC gathering Thursday. He said he’ll talk about issues to be considered during the current legislative session.

Moore said he didn’t know anything about the group’s position on race.

“If I find out for certain they are a racist organization, I am going to confront them,” he said.

“You hear that the NAACP is racist, but that wouldn’t keep me from talking to them,” Moore said.

One is forced to conclude that Moore’s invites to the Rankin County NAACP chapter meetings must have gotten lost in the mail. But it gets better.

He said he had never looked at the CCC‘s Web site, but he sat with an AP reporter and scrolled through it. After looking at the question-and-answer section on race, Moore said: “I didn’t get any indication from this that they were racist.”

You know, there’s a joke just begging to be made here about the reading comprehension of Mississippi State graduates, but it’s not even funny in this context. The people of Brandon ought to be embarrassed to have this guy allegedly representing them in the legislature. (þ: memeorandum)


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Your intuition is correct. It wouldn’t be funny, though it is a bit embarrassing as a graduate—and current attendee—to see this kind of guy in the legislature.


I am embarrassed to be allegedly represented by anyone in the legislature, but esepcially by Percy Watson. Percy got an award from a civic group in Hattiesburg, and they were soliciting congratulatory messages to be printed in the program for the award ceremony. My former boss said that he put in a request for the following: “Dear Percy, Please surrender your license to practice law.”

Unsurprisingly, they refused to run it.

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