Thursday, 20 January 2005

I like this guy

Ali, formerly of Iraq The Model, has written one of the best explanations for the Iraqi invasion, and its relationship to the war on terror, that I’ve seen:

In Iraq the agenda of the Arab and Muslim dictators came to lie in Parallel with that of Bin Laden. He found himself in great need for their support in order to fight the “infidels” in Iraq and they found him useful to hinder America’s plans there. This makes the question about America’s security on its own land not what the terrorists want, but rather what those dictatorships want. Any attack on the American soil will only result in the American people asking for justice and favoring an operation similar to what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan, which is what the American administration wish for but can’t find the necessary support inside and outside America. The reaction of the international community would be not very important at such circumstances, but America is expected to get some good support if it’s attacked again. Now the terrorist are stupid and insane people, but their leaders and most importantly their financier are not that stupid when it comes to risking their power and control over their countries. So if the terrorist decide to act alone they would not only lose the support of these dictatorships but also would risk that those regimes might well, hunt them down in their countries and hand all the info they have about the terrorist to America just to prove their innocence and avoid a very probable serious American strike.

Bin Laden realized that his hands are cuffed now and he has lost the initiative and thus came his reactionary speech just before the elections in trying to retrieve some initiative or to excuse his cowardice for other Muslims who might still support him, saying that he’s not Attacking America because now there are two Americas and one of them is friendly! All he could do and all he can do as long as he’s depending on Arab governments in his finance and logistic support is to keep threatining America but he knows that he can never turn these threats into asctions. This makes Bush’s repeated statements that American troops are in Iraq to fight terrorism so that Americans won’t have to fight it in America very true with only slight error.

American troops are actually fighting dictatorship now in Iraq and terrorism has become just a tool in a war that was directed against it in the first place. Once America leave Iraq without finishing the job, the war would stop being a war on dictatorship and would be again a WoT with the difference that it would be a war against a phenomena rather than its origin. The terrorists would be free to attack America again, as Arab and Muslim dictators won’t fear a military strike similar to what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan after seeing America recognize Iraq war as a mistake.

He’s exactly right. By attacking Iraq, and threatening other state sponsors of terror, we explicitly tied the fate of the terrorists to that of their sponsors. It puts a large burden on our military—and there are limits to what we can do—but it’s the best strategy to deal with the terrorists that I’ve seen.


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Robert, Robert, Robert….

Don’t you know we’re supposed to just stomp out the individual roaches, without worrying about where they’re coming from or where the nest is, or who pays them?

If we just got Bin Laden, world terrorism would cease overnight. It’s truly that simple. There was never any terrorism before he came along. The 1993 WTC attack? A figment of your imagination.

I can’t believe you’re so short sighted. You send someone to grad school and all of a sudden they think they know everything.




Yep, pursuit of a doctorate has really gone to my head, and prevented me from seeing the REAL truth as dictated by the left!!


Soon, there will be no talking to you Robert… (sigh)

This is why I prefer to pontificate from a position of complete and blissful ignorance.

Not only am I accessible to the unwashed masses, but I provide an endless source of amusement and derision for my betters (really, almost everyone who is foolish enough to read the endless reams of blather I spew forth). Now if I were to go back to school and actually learn something, I’d ruin all that lovely cretinous deniability. I might have to actually take responsibility for what I write.

Who needs the hassles? :)

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