Wednesday, 19 January 2005

You're so yesterday

Michelle Malkin didn’t like one of the inaugural events:

I would not expect to hear profanity at any Hilary Duff event, let alone an Inaugural Youth Concert hosted by the Bush twins.

No, but you’ve got to figure that at least you’d have some $1 well drinks and a 2-for-1 deal on Jägermeister. (rimshot)

Besides which, if I somehow ended up at an Fuel concert where the opening act turned out to be Hilary Duff, I’d be quite likely to shout “WTF” at the top of my lungs. Poor event planning indeed.

Thank you; I’ll be here all week. (þ: Protein Wisdom)

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I’d have to side with Michelle Malkin on this one (you can’t promote to both the G-rated crowd and the NC-17 crowd on the same bill, and if you do, G sensibilities need to be the standard), but the overall comments about poor event planning are well taken.

I, for one, cannot fathom why there need to be pop-star events at inaugurations anyway. Pop musicians are good at providing frivolous entertainment, but I really don’t associate them (or want to associate them) with running my government. I feel embarrassed watching politicians cavorting with pop stars at inauguration events, whether it’s Bill Clinton reuniting Fleetwood Mac or George W. Bush dancing with Ricky Martin.

Couldn’t we do without these events?

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