Saturday, 25 December 2004

Clarifications and amplifications

Alan Henderson has generously added us to his blogroll, but thinks I’m an “evil law prof”; actually, I’m an evil political science prof who teaches con law because the other evil political science prof has better things to do, and he’s the chair—so what can I do?

Heidi Bond clarifies that Mac OS X isn’t Linux, which probably explains why I could never figure out how to configure anything important that wasn’t in Preferences. She also links Gus, who started a few Internet eons ago and whose creation helps keep Signifying Nothing on the air… our real hostname is

Steven Taylor calls Signifying Nothing a “righty blog,” although I’m not sure any of us make particularly good right-wingers… though if you, like me, visit west Jackson or Orange Mound (substitute your favorite inner-city slum) and the first thought in your head is “40 years of failed social policy” instead of “residual racism,” I suppose that might be evidence of “rightiness.”


Any views expressed in these comments are solely those of their authors; they do not reflect the views of the authors of Signifying Nothing, unless attributed to one of us.


Agreed on the tilt of the blog. I say I’m a right winger just because it fits more easily. If we just had a lingo that allowed for the political compass / Cartesian plane approach, I would feel better. Not coincidentally, I fall almost exactly on the same spot as Milton Friedman.

You, Brock and I do agree on the drug war, I believe (against it). I was once told that a libertarian is just a Republican that can’t pass a piss test. In my case, it may be true….


lol, though if I don’t pass a urine test it’s probably because I went to a Crosby and Nash show about a decade ago.


Heh. As long as that test doesn’t cover alcohol or donuts, I’m safe.

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