Wednesday, 15 December 2004

Knotty but nice

A brief peek inside the “fourth wall” of my life:

  • I had a really good birthday yesterday, including dinner at Old Venice and a DVD-watching session† with my good friends Chad, Kamilla, and Kelly* at the humble abode.
  • My dad got me one of these for my birthday, which has already been something of a conversation-piece and satisfies some of my cravings for Blinkenlights. Plus it looks festive next to my holiday penguins and facstaff party door-prize poinsettia.
  • Normally I don’t blog about students, but one of my students from this semester has an interesting piece up at the Jackson Free Press website; I don’t necessarily agree with the all of its politics, but it’s thought-provoking nonetheless.

Zero Effect, with Bill Pullman, Ben Stiller, and Kim Dickens.
* If you’re a student, that’s Chad, Dr. Bahbahani, and Prof. Mueller to you.


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Zero Effect is tres cool.

I didn’t know prospective Jesuits were allowed at Millsaps.


To quote our esteemed president, “We welcome all faiths and faith-traditions* here at Millsaps.” Particularly if they’re paying retail… ☺

* At least, that’s what I think she says.

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