Tuesday, 14 December 2004

Misogyny day in the blogosphere

For the first time in two weeks I was able to both get a good night’s sleep and get up at a reasonable hour. And, after spending a little time around the blogosphere, a theme began to emerge: misogyny. Much of it was done in good humor, like this excerpt from Steve:

No woman has ever forgiven any man for anything, since the dawn of time. And the things we’re least likely to be forgiven for are the things THEY did or caused. Example: you dropped your girlfriend because she refused to stop stabbing you. This makes you a touchy bastard who can’t tell sincere violence from her special way of telling you she feels neglected. Example: you dropped your girlfriend because you kept finding her at Motel 6 under guys who liked telling her what to do. This makes you a resentful wuss who watches too many reruns of “Maude.”
That was laugh-out-loud funny. And this little nugget from Allah in a subsequent post from Steve:
Look on the bright side, though: It’s much better to be an unattractive man than an unattractive woman. Ugly guys like me are just one lottery ticket away from being sex symbols. But an ugly gal? Bottoms up on the Drano, honey.
Quite bitter. If only it were true. What’s even better is watching another woman, in this instance “kelly”, clawing at the corpse of Helen Thomas by suggesting she need’s a “back-waxing”!

Michele does an excellent summary of this as follows:

Men like sex. They like football and basketball but they like sex more. Women don’t like sex as much. Their version of porn is home improvement shows. They get off on Trading Spaces. Women like shiny metal kitchen appliances. Men like power tools. You can take away a man’s football as long as you replace it with some p*ssy, but don’t take away a woman’s decorating show, because not even a ten inch d*ck will be able to replace that.
Finally, Ann Althouse pings a couple of academics for their conclusions regarding men and subordinate women.

Not that this is related, but Rachel Lucas is back in the saddle as the Blue-Eyed Infidel. She doesn’t have her picture up this time, but if memory serves she’s quite the babe. Misogynistic of me? Maybe. BTW, Allah might want to reconsider that lottery win.

(þ: The Professor.)

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Good Lord… reading some of these, I was reminded of two things I used to tell my small sons over and over until they rolled their eyes and prayed for my violent death:

1. Opinions are like certain body parts: everyone has them, but polite people don’t show them off in public.

2. Next time you’re offended, take a deep breath and say to yourself, “Get a life… it’s not all about me”.

Curse you Robert…now you’ve sucked me into the Black Hole and I’m still trying not to respond.

#3: A woman with an opinion is like a…STOP: don’t go there

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