Sunday, 7 November 2004

Racist gets 59,602 votes

Racist and eugenics advocate James Hart garnered 59,602 votes in Tennessee’s 8th Congressional district, 25.8% of the total vote. (Final results for all Tennessee U.S. House elections.)

Of course, I know that only means that nobody pays attention to Congressional races in uncompetitive, gerrymandered districts, and almost everyone who voted for him did so only because he was in the Republican column on the ballot.

Still, it’s pretty sad.


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This race is the only reason I don’t fault the Illinois GOP for recruiting that unelectable buffoon, Alan Keyes, to run an unwinnable race against Barak Obama. If Keyes hadn’t run, maybe another James Hart type would have.


Wendi Thomas had a column in Sunday’s paper about that race. Interesting to me to hear the heads of the Republican Party in West Tennessee espouse the same solutions that I proposed back in August, where they responded to my blog post with an angry denunciation. Very angry. Step outside angry. Ah well…c’est la vie.

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