Friday, 15 October 2004

A disturbance in the force

Amber Taylor is underwhelmed by Jim Lindgen’s performance thus far at The Volokh Conspiracy, although unflattering comparisons to such paragons of Volokhness Clayton Cramer, Cathy Seipp, and Cori Dauber have not (as of yet) been made.

For what it’s worth, I think Jim is a good blogger and (at least from my correspondence with him in the past) a smart guy, but I don’t think he fits in particularly well at the Conspiracy; then again, I never really thought Jacob Levy fit in well there either.


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He’s definitely not as bad as some have been, but he does not fit in. The replacement of the always-interesting Jacob Levy with someone who mostly makes generic politics posts is especially disappointing.


I’m not terribly impressed with Jim Lindgren, but Orin Kerr has quickly become my favorite Conspirator.

Insofar as Jacob Levy didn’t fit the VC, I’d say it’s because he’s not a lawyer. Nor is Tyler Cowan, who does almost all his blogging at Marginal Revolution these days.

Lindgren kinda reminds me of that awful week when Prof. Volokh let the Right Coast take over his blog.

Personally, I think Prof. Volokh should have extended a permanent invitation to linguist Neil Whitman (currently blogging at Literal Minded).

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