Wednesday, 29 September 2004

Shady's back

Mr. Mike is apparently back in business at Half-Bakered and has a little project for his readers to help out with this fall. I think I speak on both my and Brock’s behalf in welcoming Mike back.


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“Back” is a relative term. I won’t be blogging exactly.I just put that post up this afternoon to leave my marker, to start the project. It still needs organising and more work still. In fact, I need to rewrite that post, to make it clearer.

But thanks very much for the good thoughts. :-)


Ummm…you may want to take down this whole post. I suddenly realised I was once more headed down the same old path of disaster. Foolishness stopped; crisis averted. I’m better now. Sorry for the bother.

Thanks again for the nice words, though.

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