Tuesday, 28 September 2004


The only woman on Sex and the City I found even vaguely attractive turns out to be a lesbian. I guess I should just keep telling myself the attraction was due to her being the only redhead. (þ Electric Venom)

Update: Several correspondents have pointed out that they considered Kristin Davis (“the brunette”) attractive as well. I suppose she was above the Mendoza line.


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Kim Cattrall was acutely attractive.

In 1985.

She hasn’t aged that badly.

Hey, wait a minute. You’re not admitting to watching Sex and the City, are you?


I think I saw one or two episodes back when I had HBO and it was the only damn thing on. Once I figured out that nobody was going to get naked my interest declined real fast.


IMHO, she had nothing on Kristin Davis.

I never realized that she was the same chick who was in the 1986 sci-fi flick “The Manhattan Project” Ever see that?

[Permalink] 4. George J wrote @ Wed, 29 Sep 2004, 1:48 pm CDT:

Awwwww! Awww! Awww!

She was my favorite character on the show, and the only one I’d be interested in in real life. She’s sensible instead of neurotic, she’s mature, she has brains, she has a real job, and she won’t foam at the mouth when the new season of leather handbags comes out.

I don’t care. She’s still hot. (And her last name is Nixon—I’d love to conduct my own third-rate burglary if you know what I mean)


Above the Mendoza line? You mean you’d take her home at least 20% of the time? ;)


Well, I could be convinced to consider her major league material… ☺

I just found her character annoying the few times I did see some of the show… granted, nowhere near as annoying as SJP’s, who struck me as nothing beyond an even more vapid, but slightly more mature, version of the character she played in L.A. Story.

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