Sunday, 26 September 2004

Saturday Night Lights

The drawback of rooting for two football teams is that you get doubly-annoyed when they both lose on the same day. Ole Miss (1–3) somehow managed to lose to Wyoming, 37–32 in Laramie on Saturday afternoon, while Millsaps (1–2) lost to Belhaven, 26–10* on Saturday night.

The only good football news is that I won my second consecutive national title (in three years) playing as Michigan in Dynasty Mode of NCAA Football 2005, based largely on the obscene 19-game win streak I have going.

* I think; the scoreboard at Newell Field, Belhaven’s home turf, wasn’t working properly all game—I counted 4 Belhaven TDs and 2 missed PATs, while Millsaps got a TD, a PAT, and a field goal. The game clock wasn’t working either; the 25-second clocks were working, but that wasn’t of much help to anyone except the quarterbacks. This account says the score was 27–10, but I think they miscounted the made PATs.