Wednesday, 22 September 2004

Out of bounds

As much as I dislike Michelle Malkin and her poisonous agenda*, I have to object to slinging ethnic slurs at her.

Even if he doesn’t recognize the sheer nastiness of such slurs, Vox Day should recognize how easy they make it to dismiss his criticisms of Malkin’s shoddy scholarship: “Day is just prejudiced against her because she’s Asian.”

And yes, it would be ironic for Malkin’s supporters to accuse Day of anti-Asian bigotry when they’re the ones defending the racist internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII. But they’ll say it anyway, and it makes Day’s case that much weaker rhetorically.

*There’s only one major blogger whom I have a lower opinion of. And believe it or not, it’s not Clayton Cramer.


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Who is it? You said “major” so I’m pretty sure it isn’t me.


I’m insulted already (either I’m not “major” or I’m hated by my co-blogger) ☺.

[Permalink] 3. flaime wrote @ Fri, 24 Sep 2004, 2:16 pm CDT:

Okay, forgive my denseness, but what was the ethnic slur? Me-so-Michelle? Or something else? And if it was me-so, why is that an ethnic slur, as opposed to something akin to calling her a whore, which is what I took it as?

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