Monday, 13 September 2004


Dean Esmay is right; anyone speculating in public over the identity of the “memo forger” without evidence is (a) an idiot and more importantly (b) doing the exact same crap CBS pulled in the first place—making charges based on stuff that could just be made up. Sheesh. (þ OTB)


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I almost agree. Where I have to quibble is on the part where you say the speculators are doing “exactly” the same crap CBS pulled in the first place. Not quite; CBS presented, and continues to present, its crap as the gospel truth. At least these blogschlocks aren’t doing that, i.e., they are openly admitting that they’re making semi-educated guesses. But your greater point stands; they shouldn’t be doing that, either.


If nothing else, I don’t want to see these guys (or ANYONE) hurt because someone didn’t stop and think.

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