Saturday, 4 September 2004

Invasion of the blogger snatchers

Brad DeLong notes that Andrew Sullivan's commentary on Zell Miller's speech is "shriller than Paul Krugman ever was, or ever could be." Patrick Taylor explains:
While my evidence isn't good enough to be featured on a late-night "documentary" on the Sci-Fi Channel (or even the State of the Union), I think you'll agree that this is no time to be "reasonable" or "sensitive". Here is my evidence:

I propose that the Tarzissian space aliens from the planetary system of Bellatrix Orion have started abducting Pundits. I have reason to believe that Andy is just part of the first wave.

Fortunately, the Aliens lack a sophisticated understanding of our political mores so this fake Andy can be easily spotted, however some abductions aren’t so easily discovered:

“Solid” intelligence from “reliable” sources indicates that Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds was replaced almost two years ago by a cheap Casio synthesizer.

Heh. Er… I mean, “gee, that’s too bad.”

The Tarzissian space aliens have also snatched away Mike Hollihan, but have not replaced him. They must have realized that he was irreplacable.

Brad DeLong.)


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Well, that at least explains why Sully bailed on the panel.


Thanks for the way-too-kind words, Brock. BTW, if you go to and read the comments to the two posts on blogging, you’ll get some explanation of what’s going on.

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