Friday, 3 September 2004

Panel thoughts

I enjoyed the bloggers’ panel. Andrew Sullivan was rightfully castigated for his absence, but the remainder of the panel managed admirably in his stead. Ana Marie Cox did ably incorporate repeated sexual references into her comments, but somehow managed to omit references to butt sex, which I suppose was admirable self-restraint on her part.

On a more personal note, I enjoyed meeting (in person) panelists Henry Farrell (who, as it turns out, really sounds Irish in person—try reading his posts sometime with an Irish accent in your head for some amusement) and Laura McKenna, as well as audience members Russell Arben Fox and Stephen Karlson.

One surreal note: an audience member asked Ana Marie about the importance of fact-checking and the blogger’s responsibility for following up on their mistakes as they are more widely disseminated; unfortunately, it appears at this point that the mass media do no better—and perhaps worse—than bloggers in this regard (þ InstaPundit).

Update: Steve the Llama Butcher has a hysterical rundown of the proceedings, wherein the ghost of Woodrow Wilson, esteemed racist bigot and past president of the APSA, makes an extended appearance, although I didn't notice him or INDC Bill in the room (þ PoliBlog and Rusty Shackleford).


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[Permalink] 1. Steve the Llamabutcher wrote @ Fri, 3 Sep 2004, 11:42 pm CDT:

Fab——where were you in the audience?

And, I was waiting for a reference to Laurence Simon’s Dead Pool. That would have signified the end for sure!


I was on the second row, right side of the room, glasses. (I remember your question, by the way; that was a hoot.)

As for the Dead Pool—I probably should have asked about it. I had a good question for Laura, but (alas) I’m afraid someone else stole it from me.


I see you’ve decided to adopt þ as the “hat tip” symbol. Good choice!

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