Thursday, 26 August 2004

So that's why it's called "Platinum Plus"*

From CNN:

Researchers have found high concentrations of platinum in women who got silicone breast implants....

*For those of you not from Memphis, Platinum Plus, aka “The Mount Moriah Performing Arts Center,” is a local, umm, gentlemen’s club.


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If I recall the ads that run on Time-Warner Cable in Memphis during SportsCenter correctly, Platinum Plus is “the Gentleman’s Choice.”

Incidentally, I think they’ve been running that ad since I first moved to Memphis in 1995 or so.


Actually, “Platinum Plus” is a chain of clubs. They even have a currently extraordinarily content-free website at but that’s only because they’re “remodelling” right now.

And “The Gentlemens Choice” (no apostrophe, for some reason) appears to be the company marketing slogan, to judge from what little content is there on the website right now.

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