Tuesday, 17 August 2004

Ahead of the fashion curve

Will Baude notes that according to the NYT, hats are making a comeback. This is proof of the powerful fashion prognostication you'll find here at Signifying Nothing. Back in April, I wrote:
Have faith, Will! One day, men’s hats will come back in style, and you and I will be ahead of the fashion curve.
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Never out of style, man. Never out of style.


I’ve been wearing hats (not caps) since I was 12. I’ve owned fedoras, slouches, trilbies, stetsons, berets, and bush hats. It’s been a tough struggle, but it’s good to see that 15 years of wearing quality hats has not been in vain.

Viva la revolution!


At the risk of, or even in the service of, gratuitous snarkiness, I am required to point out that the entire blogosphere has been ahead of the New York Times on any number of important issues of the day, including (as SN itself has pointed out) the fact that the Democratic candidate for President has never actually been to at least one country he claims to have visited at the behest of the United States Navy. But it is nonetheless impressive that a couple of citizens of the Volunteer State are ahead of the Times on matters of high fashion, so I take it all back.

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