Thursday, 29 July 2004

Don't confuse me with Larry Sabato

Here’s my lame-ass election prediction: Kerry wins. And you can take that to the bank. At least, you can take it to the bank that you took my “Dean will be the nominee and Osama (not to be confused with Obama) will get a woody” prediction to (I suspect the tellers there aren’t that bright).

Now if I can just buy the Kreskin outfit and crystal ball prop from the local magic supply store, I’ll have some real respect in this discipline.


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I was telling a friend of mine about the LP VP candidate diploma mill thing (he follows 3rd party movements as a hobby.) He has graduate degrees from brick and mortar schools (a M.Div) and was looking for somewhere to get his doctorate in divinity via legitimate distance learning – he had heard of that school as a warning to stay away from that it was a diploma mill.

To make a short story long – he pointed out they have some fortune telling degrees in their curriculum he thinks.


You’re probably right on this prediction, Chris. (Not sure about the Dean one, but, well, as a Court watcher, who am I to criticize anyone about predictions anyway?) The Republicans are in the unenviable position of defending a pretty thin record during a period of undivided control of government. War in Iraq? For what? Prescription drugs—a bill that can be spun as a gift to drug companies? And tax cuts plus big deficits? I just don’t see how the Republicans will be able to convince people that the past couple of years have been so successful that they really deserve another shot at unified government.

I realize you’re knocking predictions here, and I risk appearing humourless, but, still, I just can’t believe that the Republicans will be able to generate enough fear to allow them to continue their unremarkable tenure as the leaders of unified government. . .

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