Tuesday, 20 July 2004

Vote for your least favorite conspirator

Amber Taylor is soliciting votes in a face-off of The Volokh Conspiracy’s three worst guest contributors. As they say, vote early and often.

Update: One of Taylor’s candidates for “worst conspirator,” Cathy Seipp, has really gotten under Conrad’s skin with a fisk-worthy post accusing non-voters of being lazy and idiotic, a phrase Conrad would more likely apply to Ms. Seipp’s analysis of the issue at hand. Go away for a few days, and apparently all hell breaks loose in the blogosphere…

Also, Will Baude is running a web poll asking the same question. At present, Clayton “I'm a homophobe, and I'm OK” Cramer is well in the lead.


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Hey, you know guest-Volokh bashing is my schtick!

I’m glad to see that I’m not alone in thinking that Ms. Seipp is down there with
Clayton Cramer and Cori Dauber. What the hell is Prof. Volokh thinking?

Ms. Seipp seems to be staking out new territory in proving that right-wingers can be elitist snobs too.


I’m starting to get a bit tired of the whole “guest blogging” thing in general. At one particular blog which I used to enjoy greatly, I’ve basically given up reading it because it seems every time I look at it I see a slew of guest posts (mostly from the same guy who has a blog of his own anyway) and nothing from the proprietor.

My admittedly vague recollection is that Seipp is something of a libertarian, rather than a right-winger, but that’s mostly based on her “street cred” with the Reason/LAX libertarian crowd. I’d imagine Volokh picked up on that, or maybe her normal blog is better.

Then again, what do I know? I’m too cheap to get this thing properly hosted on a virtual box.


On the other hand, guest-blogging sometimes exposes you to some really good stuff, like Neal Whitman.

Overall though, I’d say the Volokhs are batting about .1 on the guest bloggers.


Seipp’s regular blog is even worse, if you can believe it.


Chris—You already gave the definitive answer to this question, IMO. And in a much more humorous fashion.


BTW, if it’s true that ”[t]he following comments were not authored by the owners of this weblog” ... I want to know who’s playing Chris and Brock in this thread! ;)


Ryan: Our dirty little secret is that we have a small cadre of trained gerbils who technically “own” the blog; it’s a tax dodge, nothing more, nothing less.

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