Tuesday, 13 July 2004

Fluoridated bottled water

Tyler Cowen rhetorically asks whether anyone would buy fluoridated water:

But hey, when you buy bottled water isn’t fluoride what you’re trying to avoid?

It may not make sense in urban areas, but if you get water from a well (or even from some rural water utilities), the water isn’t going to be fluoridated. Presumably, this product is aimed at parents in rural areas (or who live in areas with bad drinking water supplies, like Washington, D.C.) who want their kids to have more cavity-resistant teeth. So it makes sense to me, at least, especially when you consider the alternative is trying to make your kids take fluoride tablets every day (something I had to do while growing up).

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Actually, the alternative is to avoid fluoride at all costs. Swallowing fluoride confers absolutely no benefit as was once believed. Fluoride gets absorbed only topically into the tooth enamel. However, fluoride, neither a nutrient nor esssential to health, is not required for cavity free teeth and lack of fluoride doesn’t cause cavities. Only good diet and dental care prevents cavities.

Save your money and save your health – avoid fluoridated water and supplements

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