Monday, 5 July 2004

Buckley on marijuana legalization

The Houston Chronicle has an op-ed from William Buckley supporting marijuana legalization. It doesn't say anything that Buckley and other legalization advocates haven't been saying for years, but all his points bear repeating.


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“It doesn’t say anything that legalization advocates haven’t been saying for years…”

My sources tell me (I’ve read little of Buckley myself) that Buckley has been a proponent of marijuana legalization for quite a while, for that matter; they tell me that the Chronicle op-ed doesn’t say anything that Buckley hasn’t said for years….


I should have written “Buckley and other legalization advocates”.

I assumed the readers of this blog would know that Buckley has been a legalization advocate for years. I did not mean to suggest that he was a new adherant of the cause.

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