Monday, 31 May 2004

Libertarians nominate crackpot

I learned from Mike Hollihan that the Libertarian party has nominated Michael Badnarik for president.

So despite my threats, I won’t be voting Libertarian in November. I couldn’t bring myself to vote for someone who doesn’t respect the eighth amendment.

UPDATE: According to the Blogcritics article linked to above, "Badnarik is clearly a genuine connoisseur of N/A beer." Like I said, he's a crackpot.


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[Permalink] 1. Joe Rea wrote @ Mon, 31 May 2004, 9:43 am CDT:

He seems smarter than anyone either party has fielded since Reagan. As for his Ideas on prison reform.
I say jack the convicts up on steroids and teach them usefull skills like locksmithing.


There’s no place for comments on your page linked to “doesn’t respect the eighth amendment.” Your entire basis of complaint against him is this one paragraph about chaining prisoners to their beds. Now, this would certainly be at least somewhat disconcerting, but his page that you quote from has nothing remotely like what you’re quoting.

It sure doesn’t sound like anything else I’ve seen from him. For starters, nothing I’ve seen in his writing, speaking or personal demeanor even vaguely hints at the kind of cruelty or insensitivity implied by this chained-to-the-bed quote.


“a genuine connoisseur of N/A beer”? Why does that strike me as oxymoronic.


The statement I quoted used to be there.
Apparently it has been removed.


Brock, I’ve written to Badnarik asking about this. I’m still finding it a little hard to believe that he would have written something that plain mean. I’ll be waiting for his response before I make any judgment.

However, this is being picked up already a couple of places on the web sprouting out from this post’s ping link back to my original Blogcritics post. Good on ya for bringing it up, mate. He’ll pretty much have to explain this.

I’ve only met the man once, so I’m still working largely off of intuition. He was a fairly severe dark horse coming in, and hardly anyone seems to have been paying him close attention prior to the convention.

Again, I find it hard to believe that this guy would really intend something like this. I guarantee that you would not find anyone else in the LP to support such an idea.

This sounds like the kind of dumb thing some blogger might come up with just thinking out loud at the keyboard after one too many N/A beers, then delete a day or two later. What the hell was I thinking?

That kind of foolishness would be okay for some blogger, but it won’t do for a Libertarian presidential candidate.

Let’s give him a few days to respond. He might be just a tad busy right now.

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