Thursday, 27 May 2004

Fake Tennessean does 180 on Fake Iraqi Patriot

Robert Garcia Tagorda documents nicely Al Gore’s minor Ahmed Chalabi problem—namely, that he also treated Chalabi as a credible figure in the Iraqi exile community, at least until it came time for him to follow Howard Dean down the road of ex-DLCer dementia.

For the record, I found Chalabi less than credible, and was hardly a fan of Judith Miller’s Iraq WMD reporting, largely based on information provided by Chalabi’s pals, at the time either.

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Thanks for the link—and for installing a comments form! As I mention here and here, it’s fine for Gore to argue that the Bush administration deserves the largest chunk of the blame. But, in his angry speech, he acts as though he’s never had anything to do with—and never would have anything to do with—Chalabi, which is simply disingenuous. Rhetoric and reality don’t match.

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