Wednesday, 19 May 2004

And $2 will buy you a cup of coffee

Well, we’ll try this whole “comments” thing for a day or two (against my better judgment, mind you) and see how it goes. If nothing else, it will give me a chance to play with the IP blacklist feature.

It’s actually a pretty slick setup under the hood… you can use HTML or Textile markup, or intermingle the two, and you’ve got a reasonably complete subset of HTML to work with (no DHTML or images, but pretty much all the text formatting stuff is there, with the exception of CSS). About the only thing missing is a preview function, and that’s just because I’m pretty much lazy.

So, here’s your topic to start with, a good British telly question: was/is Julia Sawalha hotter on Absolutely Fabulous or Jonathan Creek? (And no spoilers on Jonathan Creek, please, we’re hopelessly behind on this side of the pond.)


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Hold the line, man! Make them go away!


Comments are evil. Die, comments, die!


I haven’t seen Jonathan Creek; is that on BBC-A? If you’re a Julia fan, you might want to look up the weird sitcom Time, Please, Gentlemen. She played a wanderjahr-student turned barmaid.


Will and David: It’s just a test for the LSblog software. They’ll probably go away in a week or two, as soon as I’m sure they work properly :)

Mike: Yep, it’s on BBC America. No clue why PBS hasn’t bought the rights to some of the older episodes…


Is there some kind of filtering going on? I tried to post something with the name of a popular blue diamond-shaped prescription drug, and it would not post.


Hmm, maybe the cache on your browser is stopping the page from refreshing automatically.


Hmm, maybe it will save spaces in names now.

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