Monday, 20 December 2004

Taking one for the troops

Rachel Lucas offers a rather amazing photo of Kirsten Dunst; she’s quite grown up from her Interview with the Vampire days. Wow.


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Amber Taylor would apparently beg to differ, though personally I don’t have a problem with Dunst’s appearance in the third picture (other than the outfit itself being hideous).


The outfit isn’t what impressed me. This just proves my view that women, by far, are tougher on other women than men. Did you see the comment in Amber’s link about Dunst’s breasts heading for her knees? Ouch.


I guess the key term there was “sartorially speaking.” But you’re right; I can’t imagine being that mean-spirited about other people.

Then again, men may think these things but not say them, on the nigh-zero chance that Ashlee Simpson may show up at the doorstep naked carrying a six-pack.

Ok, maybe Jessica Simpson.


On the other hand, you’ve got to concede they have the right thing to say about Teri Polo, or—as I like to call her—“who?”


Never heard of Teri polo myself, but she does look emaciated. I love the comment by “Ms. Pants” about being able to play Zydeco between her tits. And I love Zydeco!! That might get me interested in a bony chick.


I didn’t know Dunst was a child actress – didn’t see the vamp flick. (Saw her in the Spiderman flicks.) Wouldn’t recognize either of the Simpson chicks if I saw them. Teri who?

Yes, I’m a baby boomer, and it shows.

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