Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A political institutions reading list, revised and resubmitted

Here’s the current iteration of the book list. I’m also thinking of having the students write a book review each of an additional book not on this list.

  • Shepsle and Boncheck, Analyzing Politics.
  • Buchanan and Tullock, The Calculus of Consent.
  • Farrell, Electoral Systems: A Comparative Introduction.
  • Cox and McCubbins, Setting the Agenda Legislative Leviathan (replacing Krehbiel, one of whose books will probably become a book review).
  • Aldrich, Why Parties?: The Origin and Transformation of Political Parties in America.
  • Baum, The Puzzle of Judicial Behavior, per comments from commenter “prison rodeo” who correctly lamented the lack of anything on the judiciary.
  • Skowronek, The Politics Presidents Make, because I need something on the presidency and this one looks promising.