Friday, 4 January 2008

Hooray for Toast

Steven Taylor has brought back the always-popular Toast-O-Meter for the 2008 campaign. The semi-official motto: “If Sabato can use a crystal ball, why can’t I use a toaster?”

Hey, it beats Hillary Clinton’s latest focus-group-approved tag line, “Ready for Change”—a description that certainly applies to all 71% of the Iowa caucus-goers who didn’t vote for her.

Get digital: a Signifying Nothing PSA

If you rely on an old-school antenna to get your television fix like a surprising 15% of my fellow Americans—or me during the two weeks it took Cox to get their crap together this summer when I moved to New Orleans—it’s time to get your digital television converter box coupons from the government. While you wait for your coupons and for the boxes to show up at your favorite retailers, use this website to figure out how to get all your free-to-air digital TV with an antenna. Even if you use cable or satellite, I’d consider getting one of the boxes just to have for when your cable or satellite service goes out during your favorite sporting event or other TV show.

Of course, if you want high-definition television (or at least the full benefits thereof, since the coupon boxes will only give you downscaled HDTV at best), you’ll need to just junk the old TV and get a new one.