Friday, 4 August 2006

Mac developers: please follow Opera's lead

If you’re going to tell me to drag the little icon of your application into my Applications folder… do me a favor and include an alias to Applications in the disk image, so all I have to do is drag the little icon over an inch or so, rather than fooling around in the Go menu and raising and lowering windows to make the drag work right.

Keyboard woes

My fancy Belkin MediaPilot wireless keyboard doesn’t play nicely with my new USB KVM switch (the Mac handles it OK, but Windows XP doesn’t like it for some reason, alas), so I’m back to using my trusty IBM Active Response Pro keyboard with one of those PS/2-USB adapters.

Frankly, I’m surprised that’s the only real problem I’ve had so far in setting up my computer stuff. I was expecting (knock on wood) to blow out a fuse or three instead.