Friday, 20 January 2006

Confounding factors

I’d be curious what rival explanations my methods classes might come up with for this graph beyond “the obvious.” At least one structural feature of Congress leaps out at me as a possible explanation… can anyone identify it?

APSA wastes my time, again

It’d be nice if the trained primates who manage the APSA eJobs service were actually mentally capable of distinguishing between visiting and tenure-track positions when they classify them in the listings.

(For those with eJobs access, I specifically refer to posting 9773, a position at a leading liberal arts college, which quite clearly states it is a “one-year replacement position” yet is classified by these dopes as “Assistant Professor” rather than “Visiting Professor.”)

Arrested to Showtime?

Negotiations are apparently underway to move Arrested Development to Showtime. I can’t say there’s much else on Showtime I’d pay to watch, but I’d probably spring for it for AD.

þ: The Dead Parrot Society.