Monday, 6 January 2003

Everything's on the table (as long as it's an income tax)

Journalist-turned-blogger Bill Hobbs reports on the pro-income-tax credentials of a number of members of Tennessee's “tax study commission”; the commission is already under fire for its rather white-male-ish complexion — all 14 members selected so far (of an eventual total of 15) are Caucasian men.

NFL refereeing hijinks

You can tell a sport has too many rules when nobody has the faintest clue what rules apply on a botched field goal attempt that turns into an incomplete pass (due to defensive pass interference downfield) although there's an illegal man downfield with time expired. (Got all that?)

I've always thought the ineligible man downfield rule made absolutely no sense, but after this weekend I'm convinced most of the NFL's rulebook is similarly asinine. Terrell Owens is a walking exemplar of “unsportsmanlike conduct,” as he's proved for the past few years, yet he's not ejected while some poor Giants lineman is.

Screw 'em

Steven Den Beste has basically the same reaction I do to the latest Palestinian outrage, as does James Lileks. I have Israeli friends and relatives, and I'm tired of the Palestinians and their continual BS. Indiscriminate murder is not a valid response to any injustice. As of now, I wash my hands of whatever the Israelis decide to do with them; I don't care anymore.