Saturday, 7 December 2002

The Trent Lott Enemies List widens; Landrieu/Terrell close

Daniel Drezner calls on Lott to resign as Senate Majority Leader. Look for a lot of other Republicans to join him in the next few days; his office's complete lack of any non-laughable response, however, either screams that they've already seen the handwriting on the wall or they are completely oblivious. Having taught more than a few conservative ideologues in my time at Ole Miss, I fear the reality may be the latter. Let's see if the media actually runs with this one; Joshua Micah Marshall isn't optimistic.

Meanwhile, in a somewhat unrelated story, Landrieu leads Terrell by less than 15,000 votes with about 3/4 of precincts reporting.

Phoenix 0.5 + Xft build

It looks like everyone's favorite lightweight browser has hit the 0.5 release; get it here (a lightly tested Linux build with Xft for all your antialiasing needs; for Windows, grab a build from here). Don't forget to visit the official and unofficial sites to pick up your favorite extensions and themes (still using Qute here).

Better as a brunette

Still, Virginia Postrel's new photos demonstrate why she has to make any red-blooded male's "Top Ten Reasons To Be A Libertarian"; her book The Future and Its Enemies should also appear on that list. Meanwhile, the InstaWife isn't exactly chopped liver.

BTW, I'm with Glenn; the middle photo is the best of the three.

Trent Lott: Kloset Klansman? (updated)

And Republicans wonder why African Americans don't vote for them... (More at Instapundit, OxBlog, The Daily Kos, and Tacitus; this ballot will definitely find its way into my next American politics course.)

If it's any consolation for the rest of the world (and, in retrospect, I can't see how this would console anyone), being a race-baiting imbecile isn't solely a Lottian trait, just one apparently inherent to politicos in my adoptive state.

Meanwhile, the current top story on is titled Miss. embraces history (but unrelated); now that, Alanis, is irony.